Research as a part of
the process

Every effort we make and output we create, leads to scale up the manufacturing technology.

Our Process

We aim to develop innovative catalytic processes for efficiency

Our R&D unit provides exceptional technical support to the plant.

We are constantly improvising yield efficiencies of existing products and its derivatives.

We emphasize on increase in production yield by developing innovative catalytic processes.

Our facilities include equipment for preparation of catalysts, and batch/pilot plants of various capacities.


Our keen and eminent R&D team works dedicatedly towards growth and innovation, not only for our company but humanity as a civilisation.

Exceptional Possibilities

Our team is a perfect amalgamation of scientists, engineers and chemists working in collaboration with production team to scale up optimized processes from laboratory to pilot and finally to commercial level.

Along, with our ceaseless efforts in existing product development, we are also focusing on research of new products for which our team works continually in areas of catalyst development as well as process engineering.

We are well equipped with laboratory facilities, pilot reactors which are analogous to plant reactors along with lab scale distillation and extractions unit operations.

Integrated Product Development

We have successfully researched test batches at the laboratory, at our pilot plant and finally on commercial scales at our factory.

Our knowledge of organic chemistry and our expertise in catalysis are key strengths that have stood by us through time.