Drug Intermediates

Alpha Picolinic Acid

Used as intermediate for synthetic antibiotic, anesthetic drug, Agrochemicals,metal salts for the application of nutritional supplements and also for quantitative detection of calcium and a metabolite of tryptophan & an inducer of apoptosis in the animal cell, has been reported to be a toxin produced by some of plant fungal pathogens & Used in screening for disease resistant mutants.

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Dipicolinic Acid

Used as Stabilizer for Hydrogen peroxide & Peracetic acid, act as bleaching agent in hair dyes and textiles, prepare dipicolinato ligated lanthanide and transition metal complexes, as an alternate builder in detergents., Dipicolinic acid is among the least volatile, least adsorbed by soil, and most rapidly degraded of the simple pyridines, used in pharma companies as raw material to manufacture Pirozadil, Pyricarbate, Photoelectric chemical and derivatives of Pyridine.

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