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Corporate Overview
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"Resonance Specialties Limited" is a pioneer in Pyridine chemistry and one of the few manufacturers of the product in the world. The company, formerly known as Armour Polymers Limited, was the first in India to manufacture Pyridines. Resonance  is also one of the largest manufacturers of Lutidines in the world. Despite the fact that these technologies are available only with a select few companies worldwide, Resonance was able to innovate and commercialise production with its own technology. The company produces a range of value added products and continues to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of products like Alpha Picolinic acid and Dipicolinic acid. Resonance has exclusive supply arrangements with global industry leaders.

Building on success
In 1994, just two years after the commissioning of the Pyridine and Picoline plants, the company repeated its pioneering feat. It became the first company in India to manufacture Cyanopyridines. This successful effort brought company recognition from the Government of India for technological excellence. Resonance is also the first in India to manufacture various Collidines.
Quality as a key differentiator
True to its ethos, products manufactured by the company are comparable to the world’s best. The company employs green manufacturing to minimise its ecological impact and is able to deliver products that meet and surpass customer expectations and standards. Many of our innovative processes improve the yield, enhance the efficiency of manufacturing as well as the quality of the product.
Expanding the range of products
Resonance offers a wide range of products that includes:
  • Pyridines
  • Picolines
  • Cyanopyridines
  • Lutidines
  • Collidines
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Drug Intermediates
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