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Notices to Stock Exchange AND Policies

- Criteria for selection SM and KMP_RSL

- Evaluation of Directors_RSL

- Policy on Board Diversity_RSL

- CSR Policy

- Remuneration Policy for the Director

- Anti Sexual Harassment Policy

- Internal Financial Control Policy
- Policy on determination of Materiality of Events
- Document Retention Policy
- Familiarization Programme For Independent Director Of The Company
- Policy On Dealing With Related Party Transactions
- Code Of Conduct For Board Members And Senior Management Executives
- Terms & Conditions for Appointment Of Independent Directors
- Vigil Machanism / Whistle Blower Policy
- Code of Conduct on Insider Trading Policy
- Familiarisation Programme 2020-21
- Familiarisation Programme 2019-20
- Revised Related Party transaction
- Revised Whistle Blower Policy
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