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Lutidines and their applications in anti-ulcer drugs
Lutidines such as 2,3-Lutidine and 3,5-Lutidine are used in the manufacture of new generation anti-ulcer drugs such as:
  • Omeprazol
  • Lansaprazole
  • Rebaprazole
  • 3,4-Lutidine is a key ingredient in the manufacture of Pentazocin.
    Applications of Collidine
    Major uses for 2,3,5-Collidine and 2,4,6-Collidine are in the manufacture of Omeprazole and Vitamin D3 respectively.
    Product Data Sheet
    2,3 Lutidine 2,3 Lutidine
    2,6 Lutidine 2,6 Lutidine
    3,4 Lutidine 3,4 Lutidine
    3,5 Lutidine 3,5 Lutidine
    2,4,6 Collidine 2,4,6 Collidine
    Material Safety Data Sheet
    2,6 Lutidine 2,6 Lutidine
    3,5 Lutidine 3,5 Lutidine
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